Peter Fleming - Fundraiser

I am a fundraiser for the Zambia Society Trust. In my business role I was involved with companies that exported goods to Zambia and to further these relationships I have explored raising money for the Trust from the corporate world.

I joined the Trust as my company had been a corporate member. I came across a call out for two new committee members in one of the newsletters, with the requirement of commercial experience with Zambia. As my work took me to Zambia three or four times a year I felt that I needed to apply, which I did, and was elected in November 2011.

I have made around 100 business trips over a 30 year association and have also been able to visit the country as a tourist on several occasions. I used to run a procurement business and our main clients are in the mining industry but over all this time we’ve supplied a vast range of industries both public and private and I’ve been privileged to meet and get to know many different people in Zambia.

The reason I support the Trust is because I truly believe in the projects they support. Having witnessed the issues first hand in Zambia over such a long period, I felt that I wanted to put something back into the country.

Funds available are limited, and if money were no object my focus would be on eliminating HIV and AIDS. Visiting Zambia in the 1990s and driving on the roads between towns I was struck by the frequency of funeral corteges, the like of which I’d not witnessed before. Although these are nowhere near as frequent nowadays, the consequences have been disastrous. 

We need to do as much as we can to support the volunteers on the ground and other Trust committee members who travel to Zambia and take the time to also check on the work being done.