Finding ways, opening doors

In pursuit of our aims, The Zambia Society Trust supports a wide range of projects in Zambia. From helping orphans and vulnerable children, to providing bursaries for medical students, The Zambia Society Trust is committed to improving life in Zambia for everyone.  

See below for the main types of work we do. You can also hear first-hand from people we help and those working on the ground in Zambia - just follow the 'Their Stories' link on the right.

Help for Orphans
There are over 1.1 million orphans in Zambia – around eight per cent of the entire population. The Zambia Society Trust is working hard to ensure that these children receive both education and nourishment.

Sports for Schools
Thousands of children across Zambia have challenging lives. Our project to supply footballs and netballs for schools not only promotes health and exercise, but also creates an important outlet and source of fun for children.

Education Grants
Access to education is vital to children in Zambia if they stand any chance of escaping poverty. We provide grants to help young Zambians achieve and get ahead in life.

Mobility Aids
At The Zambia Society Trust, we recognise that in a country where there is hardship for many, there are individuals who will face particular, additional challenges. Our mobility aids project helps to make life that little bit easier for physically disabled children and young people.
Medical Bursaries
Zambia has one of the worst HIV and AIDS epidemics in the world, with 12.7 per cent of the adult population testing positive for HIV. In such a badly affected country, medical care is a constant need. Our bursary programme ensures young ambitious Zambians are able to study medicine to create opportunities for themselves, while helping their country.
Their Stories
Seeing projects first-hand is vital to what we do. Only by talking to beneficiaries and staff can we understand the difference we make and where we could do more.