John Barnard - Chairman

My role is to chair the regular meetings of Trustees, and the AGM, and make sure that we fulfil the objectives of the Trust in our decisions and actions. I act as spokesperson on behalf of the Trust and liaise with the Zambian High Commission in London.  I also chair our sister committee in Zambia, which has recently been established to give a stronger local presence to keep in touch with the projects and the people involved.

I joined the Zambia Society Trust about ten years ago, when I was looking for ways to get back in touch with the country, after a long gap since my return to UK in 1970.

I first went to Zambia in 1968, to work as a Civil Engineer on hydro-electric projects, including the Victoria Falls 60MW power station, and survey work in the Rift Valley to explore potential sites for hydro power generation. 

The Zambia Society Trust is a very special organisation because of the breadth of experience of our members who have served in Zambia. Every time I meet members I am delighted to hear about their unique contribution and commitment, and their continuing love for this very special country and its people. We support well managed projects run by local, servant-hearted people for whom I have tremendous admiration, as they give their time to make a huge difference - they are true grassroots heroes!

The needs are many, and the funds available are limited, but if money was no object I would love to see upgrading of schools and universal availability of education, and greater access to health care facilities.