Our People

The Zambia Society Trust is run entirely by volunteers. From our patrons to the committee members who run the Trust on a day-to-day basis, they all give their own time, energy and resources to make a real difference in Zambia.
The Zambia Society Trust

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John Barnard

John Barnard - Chairman
Peter Fleming - Fundraiser

Peter Fleming - Fundraiser
David Powell

David Powell – Committee Member

Board of Management


Mr Geoffrey de Mornay Davies
Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne MEP
Mr Derek Ingram OBE
Mrs Gabriel Ellison OGDS MBE

President and Vice-President


Mr Frank McGovern
Mr James Cairns


Hon. Treasurer
Hon. Secretary
Independent Examiner

Mr John Barnard
Mr Ken Hamilton
Mr Andrew Rose FCA CF
Mrs Jenny Healy
Silvernos Chinganga MSc ACMA CGMA

Committee Members

Mr Peter Fleming, Mrs Anne Fraenkel, The Reverend David Goodacre, Mrs Eileen Hamilton, Mr Mathias Mbewe, Mrs Ikayi Mushinge, Mr David Powell, Mr Roger Thompson, and Mrs Elisabeth Young