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The Trust is a UK-based charity born out of the Zambia Society, a friendship group formed in the late 1960s by people who had previously lived and worked in Zambia. 

The Trust was formed in 1991 at the suggestion of Vic Godfrey - then Treasurer of the Society - as it had built reserves which could be used for ‘worthy causes’ in Zambia. The Committee of the Society accepted the idea and agreed that funds should be transferred to a new trust to be created to promote its operations.

On 27th November 1991, 11 members of the Society met in London to consider a draft Constitution prepared by Geoffrey de Mornay Davies. This was approved by the Charity Commissioners and those present at the meeting became founder members of the Trust, and Mr Davies was invited to become Chairman. The other members formed the Trust Committee, with Vic Godfrey as its Treasurer and Dick Hobson as Secretary.

The first two awards were made in April 1993 to Harvest Help, an agricultural scheme on Lake Kariba, and to a quadriplegic assistant at St. Frances Hospital. A grant was then made to the hospital when a lorry with medical supplies was stolen. Funds were also provided to ‘Mama’ Lilias Foulkner, an 80-year old lady who had formed an orphanage in North-Western Province. 

In 1995 Dick Hobson's ‘Tales of Zambia’, was printed and to date has raised over £15,000 in sales for the charity. In 1998 Dr Jessie Ridge provided the Ridge Bursary to help train Zambian doctors and health workers. Over the last five years, the Trust, with the help of its supporters, has raised nearly £200,000 to support its various projects in Zambia.
The Zambia Society Trust

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