Your support of The Zambia Society Trust doesn’t have to be at arm’s length. We believe that if you support a charity, that charity should keep you well informed of where your hard-earned money is going.

One of the benefits of being a member of The Zambia Society Trust is a monthly digest of news about Zambia drawn from the Zambian and international press. News from Zambia is posted to members around the 20th of each month, though many members now choose to receive their copies by email, thus saving the Trust precious funds, which can be spent on projects in Zambia rather than on printing and postage.

For newsletter editorial matters please contact Roger Thompson at To read a sample issue of News from Zambia please click on the download to the right.

In addition our members receive a quarterly newsletter, ZST News, which contains the latest news from the Trust’s projects plus reports on fundraising activities, book reviews and other information about the Trust and its members.

Non members can also obtain a copy of this newsletter simply by contacting Anne Fraenkel with their email address. Please email for your copy

To read a sample issue of ZST News please click on the download to the right.